Company profile

Reijbroek Bouwservice is an allround Dutch construction company that can assist you in all aspects of your building projects. We are active in the sectors construction and mechanical and electrical services and civil engineering. 

During all construction stages we bring knowledge, expertise and resources together. It is our philosopy to offer real value to our clients and work with them in a lasting co-operation. Meanwhile, we always focus on the customer’s wishes and requirements. We are only satisfied once you are happy!

Reijbroek Bouwservice strives to exceed the expectations of the customer, all within the planned time and budget. We still believe in quality, integrity, reliability and hard work. As a result we have been able to gain a prominent position in the Netherlands and Abu Dhabi.

Reijbroek Bouwservice is reliable, flexible and punctual and recognized and acknowledged for the quality of its products and services, as well as for the knowledge, commitment and experience of its employees. You can count on us from design to delivery.


The passion for construction was kindled in owner Ruud Reijbroek at an early age. He became a true craftsman and the combination of his passion and skills were the basis for the company’s success. During the years he developed from pupil carpenter to an allround constructor with a large network of professionals.